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  • Food Sharing for 2 people

    a set of cold appetizers with homemade bread

  • Calf liver

    potato cream, onion, cottage cheese, pumpkin seed oil

  • Bao Buns Shrimp

    fried king prawn, leek, sea ​​cucumber, octopus emulsion, radish

  • Bao Buns krškopoljc

    pork meat (krškopoljc), honey-mustard, carrots, cucumbers, sour cream, shallot, dill

  • Burger

    100% Slovenian beef, fried sweet potato

  • Daily soup

    seasonal soup

Cold appetizers

Warm appetizers

  • Vitello Tonnato

    veal, tuna

  • Octopus

    marinated in red cabbage, octopus emulsion, dehydrated olives

  • Burrata

    tomato, basil

  • Eggplant tartare

    eggplant, nuts, sweet potato, avocado

  • Gnocchi

    porcini mushrooms, smoked trout, chives, mushrooms

  • Ravioli

    rabbit, sage, overheated cream, demiglace

  • Chanterelles musshrum

    poached egg, lardo from pork meat (krškopoljc)

Main dishes

  • Steak

    baked potatoes, pea puree, hazelnuts

  • Veal loin

    caramel, nuts, chanterelles, carrots,

  • Cowboy steak

    Pork meat (krškopoljc), breadcrumbs, potatoes, beets, sour cream, mustard seeds

  • Red trout

    parsnips, chanterelles, spinach

  • Octopus

    potatoes, vegetables

  • Chicken thigh

    stuffed with cottage cheese and spinach, whole grain corn grits, leeks, buckwheat, carrots



  • Pistachio Mille-feuille

    raspberry, currant ice cream

  • Mango Cheesecake
  • Brownie

    caramel, hazelnut

  • White chocolate dumpling

    raspberry, reduced balsamic vinegar, mint sugar

  • Chocolate souffle