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  • Food Sharing for 2 people

    a set of cold appetizers in the company of homemade bread with dregs

  • Asparagus

    roasted asparagus in butter, poached egg, guanciale

  • Bao Buns shrimp black tiger

    fried black tiger shrimp, anchovy sauce, dehydrated tomato, tomato mayonnaise, pickled leek

  • Bao Buns from krškopoljc

    pork meat (krškopoljc),coleslaw salad, honey-mustard, shallot, red pepper

  • Burger

    100% Black Angus beef,
    vitlof-radish, cucumber, onion jam,
    dehydrated tomato, brie cheese,
    bacon, bbq sauce,
    fried sweet potatoes


  • Beef soup

    homemade noodles, soup vegetables

  • Seasonal soup

    seasonal vegetables

Cold appetizers

Warm appetizers

  • Duck Pate

    baked brioche, mushroom tartar, hazelnut cream, orange gel, pickled red onion

  • Deer

    roughly chopped venison back, cranberries, chives, grape seed oil, mushrooms, porcini mayonnaise

  • Red Trout

    asparagus, horseradish cream, spring onion, yogurt, lemon beads

  • Sweet potatoes

    white and black sesame, tataki sauce, pickled ginger

  • Lamb

    dumpling, cow’s and sheep’s cheese sauce, herbal crumbs, chive oil

  • Gnocchi

    porcini mushrooms, mushroom demiglace, herbal oil

  • Ravioli

    wild garlic, cottage cheese, smoked trout, asparagus beurre blanc

  • Octopus

    risotto, fried shrimp, lobster bisque

Main dishes

  • Steak

    baked potato, chimicuri butter

  • Cowboy steak krškopoljc

    baked potatoes with shallots, sour cream, mustard seeds

  • Piglet

    fried shoulder, displayed french salad

  • Veal loan

    caramel, nuts, porcini mushrooms, parsnips, beetroot, carrots, asparagus

  • Mangalica

    cheek, wild garlic cream, homemade “štruklji”, green apple

  • Chicken

    sweet potatoes, spinach, buckwheat popcorn, sage sauce

  • Sea frog

    cornmeal mush, asparagus, fennel beurre blanc

  • Octopus

    baked potatoes, vegetables



  • Raspberry Cheesecake

    white chocolate

  • Pistachio tiramisu
  • Chocolate souffle
  • Lemon tart

    ice cream, crumble

  • White chocolate mousse

    fennel crumble, orange sauce, fresh fennel, pomegranate