Good fire, The most tender cut of beef, Best company, Fine drop of wine…

  • Matured pieces of meat
  • T-bone of Krškopoljc
  • Pichana steak
  • Smoked beef ribs, guacamole, baked potatoes, chives, albumen curd
  • Sea bass for 2 people
  • Side dish: young baked potatoes, artichoke, new onion, kimchi, homemade wasabi mayonnaise
  • Grilled banana, chocolate, pistachio, apples, caramel, red pepper


  • Homemade tartare, prepared in front of a table for 2 people
  • Plate of cured meat products, Goriška cheeses
  • Red trout, brioche, beetroot, asparagus, horseradish, dill
  • House pate, čemaž butter, strawberry
  • Asparagus salad, fennel, smoked duck, čemaž
  • Pastrami sandwich
    Ciabatta, smoked brisket, motovilec, egg, carrots, wild garlic, mustard


  • Beef soup, noodles, vegetables, pieces of blackthorn
  • Rice soup, potatoes, parsley, cracklings, onions
  • Seasonal soup


  • Black noodles, octopus, blacksmith, shrimp, cherry, roasted garlic
  • Buckwheat pasta, mushrooms, zucchini, lardo, potatoes
  • Homemade gnocchi with wild garlic, pheasant, coriander, celery
  • Dolenjska pasta – fuži, asparagus, dandelion, egg


  • Duck, goose liver, Jerusalem artichoke, plum, creamy polenta, wild garlic
  • Steak of Krškopoljc, potatoes, apples, white onions, vegetables
  • Veal, blue frankincense, roasted carrots, parsley, kale
  • Lamb shank, spelled, red radish, asparagus, mushrooms, onions
  • Sea bream, corn, broccoli, lemon, carrots, sweet potatoes


  • Strawberry, rhubarb, dandelion
  • Lime, meringue, pumpkin
  • Chocolate souffle, ice cream, fruit
  • Daily dessert

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